Saturday, August 7, 2010

Egyptian Pharaoh and Queen Self Portraits

My example using my niece Shaeye 6 year old students

My Art from Around the World Mini Campers travelled to Egypt and created their own ancient pharaoh oe queen self portrait (inspired by a project I saw on Artsonia). I took a facial profile picture of each child that I printed on simple computer paper. These were cut out and gone over with a watered down light tan tempera wash. After dry, the children added the Egyptian tradmake eyeliner around their eyes as well as highlighting their brow. These profiles were glued to a 12" X 18" black construction paper and using paint and oil pastels, a royal headress (as well as a tunic) was added using the simple shape of Queen Nefertiti or Ramses III. They created their own royal mat for their portraits using metalic gold, red and blue paint. For our finishing touch, we painted aluminum foil with gold metallic tempera and after dry, we engraved it with our initials in Egyptian hieroglyphics using the back of a paint brush. This was cut out and added to the side to really personalize their portraits. I love the way these turned out and the children had a lot of fun with this project as well.


  1. Very nice! I've been doing similar portraits in acrylic but I love the personal touch and the pastel is a nice change. Thank you:)


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