Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rescue Dogs Rock!

Here is the finished poster created for the SPCA of Northern Nevada (where my sister-in-law is Chair of the Board). Artwork comes from 3 of my Animal Art Fun Camps this summer, artists ages 4-11. We used several of the shelters' adoptable dogs as our models. The children were encouraged to create expressive portraits using Fauvist colors. This was such a fun project to put together! I think it's about time for a Rescue Cats Rock! poster. :D

Sunday, August 21, 2011

What Shall We Paint Today?

There's just under 2 weeks left before school starts, swimming lessons are done, we've cashed in our summer reading points for prizes at the library, clouds haven't burned off yet for beach time.... what to do on a lazy summer day? That's easy if you're at my house, it's art project time. Fortunately for me, my daughter and her friends seem to always be game for art time. On this day they just looked up at the wall across from our dining area.(shown in the photo) That's the wall of art projects, past, present and future hung lovingly with masking and duct tape. (Let's face it, formal I'm not). So it was decided, "peacocks." "Oh but wait, I have a really cool and different take on peacocks on one of my blogs." I quickly pulled up some creatively colored birds from smART class (thanks Natalie!) and away they went - with absolutely no direction other than the pictures on the blog. They painted so quietly; they were clearly "into it." Nice job Eve and Savannah. I love those creative moments.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Hit the Surf!

This group is waiting for their turn to swim out and tread water

One does not just walk onto the pier as a JG, you must climb the pier
(My Niece, Shaeye)

Waiting like lemmings for their turn to jump

Instructors are great about encouragement, but jumps are never forced.
It's completely voluntary.

Instructor jump

Grand finale - the infamous shaving cream fight!

Please excuse this art related interruption. Just thought I'd show you what many of my school year art students busy themselves with in the summer. We have a fantastic Junior Lifeguard program here where kids 9-17 learn to become strong sea swimmers, surf, learn lifesaving techniques, run their legs off on 2 miles Tuesdays, do boat drops and pier jumps and take fun trips to Wild Rivers Water Park and Catalina Island. This is all accomplished from 9:00am-12:00pm mind you. On the last day they have a team competition, jump from our pier (much to the astonishment from many a tourist) and cap the summer off with a massive shaving cream fight. They are making memories that will last a lifetime.
Congrats all you JGs!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Andy Lakey Inspired Sand Paintings

A BIG thanks to Katie from Adventures of an Art Teacher (check out this link) for her wonderful post about the work and inspiring story of Andy Lakey (and the beautiful work her students created.) My daughter, niece and a friend gave it a go. With a bit of Pacific coast sand from our day at the beach they created lines and shapes with crayon on poster board that they then traced over with glue. After it was dry they used limited palettes of acrylic and tempera to paint their pieces. While these compositions are more free flowing as opposed to Lakey's orderly designs and angels, I think this is a great alternative (and fun) lesson to teach line, shape, and color for a wide age range.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Around the World Art Projects

Last week was my 6th and final art camp this summer, Art Projects from Around the World.
Here are some of the projects my students(1st and 2nd graders) created. A big thanks to all the children who took some time away from the beach and pool to create art with me this summer!
African Masks using cardboard, acrylics and raffia

Watercolor Chinese Dragons

Air Dry Clay Indian Diya lamps
I gave them a tea light for them to put inside.
Lighting Diyas during India's Diwali Festival symbolizes the victory of good over evil.

Australian Koalas with Aboriginal Dot inspired backgrounds