Sunday, August 21, 2011

What Shall We Paint Today?

There's just under 2 weeks left before school starts, swimming lessons are done, we've cashed in our summer reading points for prizes at the library, clouds haven't burned off yet for beach time.... what to do on a lazy summer day? That's easy if you're at my house, it's art project time. Fortunately for me, my daughter and her friends seem to always be game for art time. On this day they just looked up at the wall across from our dining area.(shown in the photo) That's the wall of art projects, past, present and future hung lovingly with masking and duct tape. (Let's face it, formal I'm not). So it was decided, "peacocks." "Oh but wait, I have a really cool and different take on peacocks on one of my blogs." I quickly pulled up some creatively colored birds from smART class (thanks Natalie!) and away they went - with absolutely no direction other than the pictures on the blog. They painted so quietly; they were clearly "into it." Nice job Eve and Savannah. I love those creative moments.


  1. Those turned out beautiful! I cannot wait till my girls are that age and hope they enjoy doing art projects!! Thanks for the tag! Hope your first week back to school goes well! We started yesterday and it has been great so far!

  2. i did something similar to this in my 2nd grade art class and they did AWESOME! :) also, on a silly, side note...i could not get katy perry's peacock song out of my head this whole lesson (of course i never sang it out loud)

    thanks for a great lesson idea!


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