Monday, January 27, 2014

Mary Fedden Inspired Still Lifes

I discovered the art of Mary Fedden via Pinterest. I had looked back at my pins on my Art Inspirations board and realized I had clearly been charmed by the work of this wonderful British artist (who passed away just two years ago.) For my group of K thru 5th graders I settled on a still life of black tulips and lemons (both reoccurring elements in her work). I found this video of her speaking about her art which I shared with the children: I love how she described adding cut elements like putting together a "jigsaw puzzle." That's how my group approached their still lifes. I also learned that David Hockney was a pupil of hers. The children's use of bold color reminds me of his work. I look forward to creating more Mary Fedden inspired art, getting more involved with the "jigsaw puzzle" approach.


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Jungle Jaguars

 Ella, 5

 Alexa, 8

 Luke, 5

 Charlotte, 5

 Grace, 6

Cora, 5

My Animal Art Fun group of kindergarten through 3rd graders did a beautiful job creating their jungle jaguar pieces. Jaguars were created with chalk and oil pastel on construction paper and then cut out. Their backgrounds were done with oil pastel and watercolor resist (always magical in the eyes of a young artist). They had the option of adding an extra layer with cut leaves from sponge painted paper. Well done kids!