Thursday, September 24, 2015

Saguaro Cactus Dwellers

 Ella, 2nd grade

 Delaney, 5th grade

 Raya, kindergarten
Her first art class with her big sister - what fun!

 Mia, 2nd grade

Fiona, 2nd grade

Sydney, 3rd grade

The theme for my September/October class is Animals and Their Habitats. For our first project we learned about the sagauro cactus of the Sonoran Desert of Arizona and Mexico. We learned that the Gila woodpecker will make a nest and wait for it to dry before moving in for a stay. And almost like a hotel, it will leave and another inhabitant, the tiny Elf Owl will seek shelter in the cavity.

We created glue line cactus and simple horizon lines on roofing felt. I reminded them to make sure to create a hole for their woodpecker or owl to inhabit. These were put up to dry and we created our birds using chalk pastels. The following week, the children used pastels to add color to their cactus and backgrounds and glued their cut birds to their saguaro.
Update: Be sure to use Natural roofing felt, Not synthetic, which can contain fiber glass. 

Looking back on the past 6 years of art projects.....apparently, I Love Owls!
They do make a Great subject for an autumn art lesson.

                           Next up, coral reefs and sea turtles.....