Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ideas for Using Left Over Textured Paper

In my family, I am notorious for my thriftiness. This of course carries over into my art projects. I hate to throw anything away! So I have boxes of scrap paper from the Eric Carle inspired collages I have done with my classes. I love to think of new ways to use these. Here are just 2 ideas.

This piece was inspired by a children's book from my childhood called, "Attic of the Wind". It's a beautiful lyrical book illustrating all the things that are taken away to "the attic of the wind." I plan to use it as a source of inspiration again and again.
Here is a verse from the page of balloons lost in the wind which could be substituted for this piece I did with kites:

"Balloons in the Attic? Of course there are!
Lost at the Fair or the Church Bazaar.
Balloons from the birthdays of all the years
That you watched float away with a smile...or tears."

This piece was simply sponge painted(with a kitchen sponge) with white, blues and purple of tempera. A traced hand is done in Sharpie in the corner of the piece when it dries. Next cut and glue some kite shaped pieces from textured paper scraps. Draw the kites strings and ties.)

The Masai people of Kenya and northern Tanzania adorn themselves with "Shuka" that are the sheets wrapped around their bodies. These are often in different bold colors with stripes and plaid. To create this abstract Masai collage, I cut simple organic rectangular shapes from leftover textured paper. I added geometric designs with a permanent marker. Last I added head shapes that were colored in with Sharpie. Some people were given large necklaces and earrings that the Masai often use to adorn themselves.


  1. Great ideas! I hate getting rid of good scraps!

  2. Love the kites! Great project-especially with scraps

  3. PERFECT! Doing this tomorrow. I have a box of paper CRYING to be used up.

  4. Thanks for all your nice comments!

  5. I love those Masai figures – you're a genius for making something so simple look so striking. I'm going to have to do that...soon! I'll like back of course.

  6. Hi! I wanted to let you know that I love your kites and I featured you on my new blog post! You can see it here
    Have a nice day!


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