Monday, July 29, 2019

Somewhere Right Now

Somewhere Right Now is now available on Etsy
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Friday, July 19, 2019

Jellyfish with Masking Fluid and Watercolor

 Nika - 7

 Avri -5

 Ellie - 5

 Delaini - 5

 Zoey - 7

 Leighton - 7

 Shiloh - 9


I have done jellyfish art lessons using bubble prints with rice paper and with chalk pastel and watercolor here and here. And I Loved all the results. But this may be my new favorite jelly art lesson. This was inspired by Natalie at smART Class who used gloss medium. I didn't have any so I decided to improvise with masking fluid. I sacrificed some of my crumbiest paint brushes and had my students paint over their pencil drawings. These took just a short time to dry, so they were able to paint them in the same class. While the paint was still wet, they sprinkled their watercolor oceans with salt. This always lends a magical effect that the children just love. 

Once dry, I used a remover block to remove all the masking fluid and brushed all the salt away. They have a beautiful batik-like effect. A perfect summer art project!

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Summer Art Fun

 Ava - 8th grade

 Maddy - 8th grade

 Avery - 8th grade

My experiment

The above works were based on the art of Yellena James. 
I have been creating mixed media collages using gelli printed papers in my own art. I thought I'd try these techniques with my group of 8th graders. I love their artwork!


The above mixed media lemurs were based on the bold and colorful work of artist Holly Mills.
Artwork by my Kinder through 4th graders.

I'm a big fan of artist Mia Charro. 
These collage works created by my group of 1st through 5th graders 
were based on her series of animals with flower crowns.