Saturday, November 12, 2016

Paper Bag Owls and the Sharpie Art Workshop for Kids Giveaway!

Today is my day to post for the Sharpie Blog Roll by Art Projects for leading up to the release of Kathy Barbro's Fantastic new book,

I'm excited to be a project contributor! Kathy was the first art teacher blogger I discovered over seven years ago when I started teaching art classes. She has an amazing knack for breaking down any subject matter in easy to follow steps for kids to draw. She is always coming up with new and creative ideas! So I was thrilled and honored when she asked me to submit a project for her upcoming Sharpie Art book. My students know Sharpie isn't just a proper noun in my classes, it's a verb. They'll often hear me say, "Go ahead and Sharpie your pencil lines."

The book is full of Fun, Creative, and Easy to follow art and craft projects. It releases this Tuesday, November 15th. Kathy is hosting a giveaway for a signed book for three lucky readers. Just follow this link and leave a comment before midnight on November 15th for a chance to win.

In the meantime, here are some other fun ideas for kids to create using Sharpie Markers and brown paper bags

Lunch Bag Owl 


Black Sharpie Marker - Fine Tip, Chisel or King Size
Chalk Pastels
2 brown paper lunch bags
Scissors and glue
newspaper or tissue paper

After you have drawn all your Sharpie lines, add color to your owl using
the side of your chalk pastels with light pressure
Stuff bag with crumbled newspaper
Cut out wings and ear tufts from a separate bag and glue to your owl

Have the kids make these for a fun autumn display on the mantle
or gathered around pumpkins! 

Here's a link to buy the book:

Graphic Owl Luminaria


Brown school lunch bag
Black Sharpie Marker
 Sharpie Markers in Assorted Colors
Battery Tea Light Candle

Kids can get creative with lines and shapes in
creating their graphic owl - here are just a few ideas
After black lines are drawn, color away!

Put these on the mantle or by your front door to welcome
family and friends at your next gathering!

Grocery Bag Owls

Barn Owl
Fun facts: Barn Owls have a distinctive heart shaped face,
 their flight is silent and they don't hoot, they shriek

Brown Grocery Bag, cut into a rectangle
Fine and Ultra Fine Tip Black Sharpie Markers
Chalk Pastels

For a simple, finished composition - on a piece of black construction paper,
create a full moon with chalk pastel and add some stars with a white Sharpie marker.
Just cut out and glue your owl to the backgroud.
(those veins!)

Great Horned Owl
The Great Horned Owl is named for the tufts of feathers (not ears) that sit on top of its head. The ears are actually openings in the sides of its skull, hidden by feathers, down on the sides of its head.

Create sketchy loose lines with Sharpies
Add a little more color with chalk pastels


Brown Grocery Bag, cut into a rectangle
Sharpie Markers in Black, Brown and White
Chalk Pastels
Create a backgroud of your choice

Check out tomorrow's project of Fibers and Sharpies (using rubbing alcohol for a bleed) from Nic Hahn of Mini Matisse.


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  2. These are beautiful and inspirational. Makes me want to go hide away with my sharpies and pastels all day! :)

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