Thursday, March 23, 2017

Cartoon Art Fun

 Abby (4th grade)

 Developing her scene

 Avery (6th grade)

Mira (4th grade) in progress

The above 3 drawings began as a triangle, square and circle
My students were encouraged to change the character to make it their own

Lauren (3rd grade) is enjoying character design

Learning the basics

My example to show my students how to change the mood of a character 
(and the cartoon itself) through a simple change in the eyes

When I decided on a cartoon theme, I went all in!

This month our art class theme is Cartoon People and Animals. My groups are learning how to use facial guidelines and simple ways to change the expression of a character. To create animals, we're learning to start with simple shapes and build from there. I discovered some Wonderful books by best selling author, Christopher Hart. I must say, I'm hooked!  He has an amazing knack for breaking down any subject matter into a easy-to-follow manner.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Clay Critters

Avery (6th grade) Loves Hedgehogs! 
How cute is this clay critter she made with stellar patience?!

Since air dry clay is notorious for broken appendages, 
I gave the children the option of using twine in place of clay for their tails

My kinder through 6th graders created some very cute mice using air dry clay. I said we were channeling Beatrix Potter meets Ratatouille. But my mind tends to dwell in books and movies. They could create a family of critters and set up a little scene on top of their scrapbook paper covered "stage". These were painted with acrylic paints.