Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Revisiting Monet's Bridge

Reese - Kinder

 Emerson - 2nd

 Alexa - 3rd

 Blake - 1st

 Gwendolyn - 3rd

Charlee - 1st

Why is it life has a strange way of coinciding with the art lessons I'm undertaking? (Perhaps my subconscious is leading me) Last Wednesday, while teaching my young students about the art of Claude Monet and showing them how he painted the same bridge many times, even as he went blind, my husband was battling blindness as well. He is facing vision loss issues from glaucoma and cataracts (as Monet). I used it as a teachable moment, with a positive spin as our modern ocular technologies have improved greatly. (He just underwent his third surgery, and we are very encouraged.)

I have done this project a couple times, but I really enjoyed the textured effect of salt this time. The first step in creating these was using the wet on wet technique with liquid watercolor and salt. I offered yellow, green, turquoise and blue. The children created a light horizon line in the middle of their paper. I allowed them to use whichever combination of these colors for their sky and pond. After the backgrounds were dry they created leaves, plants, and lillies with acrylic paint and small brushes. To add depth to their plants I had them paint from darkest to light, with no rinsing of brushes. I offered pre-cut bridges for them to paint as they chose. And of course, cut photos in the middle of their bridges, were the perfect finishing touch. What a sweet gift for a parent (Mother's Day) or grandparent these would make!