Thursday, June 29, 2017

Summer Art Fun

Sharpie Line Portraits with Bleeding Tissue Paper

 Piers in 1 point perspective with creature "selfies"

my experiment

Mixed Media Orca Collages

Well, the award for the biggest slacker in art teacher blogging goes to........yup, that would be me. Is there anyone out there anymore? I didn't mean to stay away for so long. I have been doing some posting on Facebook and Instagram. My Generation X self is still grappling with so much social media I suppose. I know....excuses, excuses. 😀

This summer I have 3 different themed art classes. June: Draw, Paint, Clay Collage, July: Animals and Birds, and August: Unique Material Art Lab. This month has been all about playing with different media. I like to inject an extra sense of play in my summer classes. I find the kids really appreciate the encouragment to just explore and play with media and not worry about the end product. I suppose I may be speaking to my own inner artist as well.