Wednesday, July 8, 2009

These Giacometti inspired sculptures were created using pipe cleaners, aluminum foil and a little molding clay to weigh them down at their feet. Some of the kids posed them into dancers and soccer players. We painted a square of cardboard black and I glue gunned them to the base.

Alberto Giacometti Style Sculptures with Aluminum Foil and Pipe Cleaners

Eric Carle Style Butterfly Collage
1st Grade
I love to do Eric Carle style collages! The first day we paint our paper and create texture and patterns using combs, chopsticks, clipper guards (yes for hair cuts - they make neat patterns) and splatter painting. We work in 4 stations and when they complete 1 texture they move to the next station. These are put up to dry. Day 2 each child uses their 4 unique papers to cut and create a collage. If the children are young I will give them templates to trace and cut. We added green construction paper to create leaves and stems and tissue paper and starch to make a flower for our butterflies. To top it off i put out some glitter glue to really jazz them up.

Kindergarten Cubist Portraits

 Every time I look at these I smile. We worked large with pencil then in sharpie and filled in our spaces with watercolor. I explained how artists like Picasso thought it would be fun to take apart a face and put it back together in a new way. This project works well for any age group, but I particularly love the the character these have.