Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Peacocks and Butterflies in Chalk Pastel

Chalk pastels on black paper are a magical combination aren't they? I revisited two previous lessons with my Mixed Media Art Class groups for our last class together. These were done on big 18" X 24" sheets of black construction paper. Although we looked at photos of real peacocks and butterflies for inspiration, I gave the children free reign in their creations. Ages 5 - 10.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Colorful Collage Still Lifes

These beautiful collages were inspired by the bold and colorful paintings of Matisse
 and the painterly still life art of Cezanne....
They put a smile on my face - Wonderful job kids!

 Grace, 1st grade

 Cate, 4th grade

 Franziska, 2nd grade

 Andie, 2nd grade
I feel like I need to reach out and catch this precariously perched lantern :)

 Pia, 4th grade

Sadie, 2nd grade

These collages gave my two groups the opportunity to use a wide range of media: oil pastel and watercolor for the backgrounds, acrylic for the tables, charcoal lanterns, and vases and fruit in chalk pastels. All our cut elements (lanterns admittedly took some patience) were glued onto the backgrounds and finally a cast shadow in charcoal was added. Since I have children ranging in age from 5 to 10, creating still lifes in a collage format rather than on one paper allowed everyone to feel successful.