Friday, April 5, 2019

Alpacas with Colorful Landscapes








My example

There are some really Fabulous llama and alpaca art lessons out there right now. I was inspired by these:
@iluvcuppycake on Instagram
and the Gorgeous art of Jane Newland.

Our Alpaca landscape illustrations were started creating colorful mountains using tempera paint sticks. I encouraged the children to add a variety of colors and patterns. Next they added watercolor wash grass and skies, choosing from day or night. These were put up to dry and I led them in a simple line drawing lesson for standing and sitting alpacas. They could add brightly colored details with markers.  I showed them how to create packs for their animals to carry on their backs. I had a few children concerned for the welfare of their alpacas so it was a resounding, "Nope!" 

Day 2, they added details to their landscapes and dry brushed clouds. And last, glued their alpacas to their foreground. 

Here is a link to my close-up Llamas with Peruvian Textiles: