Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mixed Media Jellyfish

 Talia, 3rd grade

 Chas, 2nd grade

 Jenna, 4th grade

 Alexa, 2nd grade

My experiment for the lesson

These beautiful jellies were created at a 1st grader's birthday party
where I had the honor of leading an art project for an Octonauts theme.
 Thank you Miss Abby for letting me be a part of your special day!!

I know...odd timing for a jellyfish lesson. I came across some beautiful watercolor jellyfish from artist, Joann Perry and decided to try a multi-media variation with my Mini Modern Artist group. Jellyfish  were created using chalk pastels. We looked at a variety of these unique creatures to inspired us.Children were encouraged to shade them around the edges, but to leave some white showing to give them a translucent feel. Watercolor was added for our ocean background and then salt to give a bubbly texture. I think they have a wonderful ethereal feel to them.


  1. How can something so beautiful be so deadly?The jellyfish are wonderful and your students really "got it"!


  2. I agree - definitely ethereal! Beautiful mixture of media and technique - thanks for sharing...

  3. Love these Mary.. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your Family, see you Tuesday..- Tina-

  4. Mary - I always love the results you get when your students use chalk pastels. (great shading!!) Do you spray your chalk pastels with fixative or something to set and protect, or do the kids just take them home "as is?" I always mean to ask you this and always forget.Thanks.

    1. Thanks Christie! I really should make it a practice to spray-fix pieces before they go home. It's not something I do ordinarily, but now I think I will. :)

  5. Really love these, will be great for the Birthday party. Mom

  6. Wow these are fantastic! Never would have thought to use chalk and water color together.


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