Thursday, November 15, 2012

Miroco Machiko Inspirations

 I love the layering of plant life in this piece.
Beautiful work Alexa! (2nd grade)

my experiment

One of my favorite artist discoveries on Pinterest is Miroco Machiko. I found myself pinning piece after piece of this fantastic Japanese artist. She captures the essence of children's art in her work - bold shapes, fearless lines and a colorful palette. I decided to do two lessons inspired by her art with my Mini Modern Artists class. After looking at a number of her botanical works, we used glue or black oil pastels on black construction paper to create bold line work. Color was added with chalk or oil pastel. Next up, our gel glue batik pieces...stay tuned!


  1. I love the way each artwork is so different from the next! I really love chalk on black paper, too. Beautiful work, Mary!


  2. These have real impact. The layering of plants in your first piece is excellent. I'm pinning that for later use, many thanks Mary.


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