Friday, November 30, 2012

Watercolor Tigers

Luke, 1st

 Jenna, 4th

 Nathan, 5th

 Emma, 3rd

 Abby, 1st

Scott, 2nd

I love it when a direct line drawing lesson yields such varied results! Because I teach classes for K-5th together, it can be a bit tricky creating lessons that won't overwhelm my younger students or bore my older ones. I think tiger portraits were a great choice for the first day of my Animal Art Fun class with my mixed age group. I had pictures of real tigers on the table for the children to look at in addition to our line drawing lesson. I had originally planned on only offering orange watercolor (first time using liquid and loved them) after their Sharpie and charcoal drawings were complete. But decided to let them cut loose and decide if they wanted a Fauve cat or a realistic one. Wonderful expressive tigers kids!


  1. these are beautiful - i just saw Life of Pi and am in "tiger mode" - i like the additional colors too...

  2. Beautiful - I agree the colors are great. Life of Pi this week for me, a matinee with other retired teachers!

  3. Thanks Hope and Phyl! Funny you should mention Life of Pi. I told my parents I think I came up with tigers subconsciously after watching commercials for Life of Pi. I loved the book!

  4. Some amazing work from your students.
    I love the colors. I love them all.

  5. Love them all,bet the kids really enjoyed this lesson. Just saw Life of Pi amazing so are you. Mom

  6. Just thought I would drop in and say hello! These are so lovely.

  7. Thank you Jen! I appreciate it!


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