Monday, August 15, 2011

Hit the Surf!

This group is waiting for their turn to swim out and tread water

One does not just walk onto the pier as a JG, you must climb the pier
(My Niece, Shaeye)

Waiting like lemmings for their turn to jump

Instructors are great about encouragement, but jumps are never forced.
It's completely voluntary.

Instructor jump

Grand finale - the infamous shaving cream fight!

Please excuse this art related interruption. Just thought I'd show you what many of my school year art students busy themselves with in the summer. We have a fantastic Junior Lifeguard program here where kids 9-17 learn to become strong sea swimmers, surf, learn lifesaving techniques, run their legs off on 2 miles Tuesdays, do boat drops and pier jumps and take fun trips to Wild Rivers Water Park and Catalina Island. This is all accomplished from 9:00am-12:00pm mind you. On the last day they have a team competition, jump from our pier (much to the astonishment from many a tourist) and cap the summer off with a massive shaving cream fight. They are making memories that will last a lifetime.
Congrats all you JGs!

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