Friday, January 30, 2015

Random Acts of Creativity

Alcohol Ink Tiles with Metal Embossing

We combined alcohol ink tiles and metal embossing for a twist
on Jim Dine Heart pieces. The tiles were a big hit a couple years
Directions for tiles can be found here.

With a couple coats of Krylon Crystal Clear spray
these tiles can make great trivets or coasters.

Metal Tooling with Metallic Marker Borders

My piece is being gifted to my Mom and Dad

My students and I experimented with metal repousse or embossing on small squares of aluminum. I was inspired by this project from Georgetown Elementary Art Blog. We used dull pencils and ballpoint pens to create designs. We had the option of adding ink to our pieces or flipping them over to use the reverse raised side. It was a medium that my tween students and I thoroughly enjoyed. I offered pieces of black square construction paper and metallic markers to continue or add to their metal designs.

Gelatin Printing

The girls enjoyed experimenting with nature gelatin prints inspired by this post from Cassie Stephens.
They unanimously agreed that the "ghost" prints, (after the leaves were removed) were the most interesting, resembling x-rays.

A special thanks to my Tuesday afternoon group of girls! It was fun exploring new media with you!


  1. Every time I see wonderful work like this I wish I had a small group of kids to work with:)))

    1. It's been great to work with small groups Christie. I have complete admiration and respect for you and all the other art teachers who teach to Hundreds of children!

  2. Are those basic white tiles from the home improvement store with the alcohol inks dripped on them or did you use another type tile and different method??? They are beautiful and I would love to do the Dine project with my students.

    1. Yes, just the basic 6"X6" tiles and Adirondack alcohol inks. We applied a little rubbing alcohol to the tiles first to create a watercolor effect. I just glued the metal hearts with regular Elmers glue after the ink had dried. So much fun to create!

  3. The metal tooling lesson came out incredible!!


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