Saturday, January 5, 2013

Artsy Birthday Fun!

My daughter turned 11 a few weeks ago (12 days before Christmas to be exact.) And my niece, Shaeye, (who is under our care) celebrated her 17th birthday 6 days later. Needless to say, December can be a bit overwhelming for us financially. So I was thrilled when Savannah responded to my Artsy Birthday party idea with enthusiasm. It didn't break the bank, but still was a Huge hit with the girls.
Most of the ideas for this party I discovered courtesy of Pinterest. See, it's not a complete waste of time!  

The plan: pick up the girls on a Friday afternoon from school and walk to our home. Art project itinerary: 
1.) Suminagashi (Japanese Paper Marbling) 2.) Alcohol Ink Tiles 3.) Hand Painted Christmas Ornaments
A little "Just Dance 4", Pizza and Cupcakes and more Cupcakes. I'm 45 and this sounds like a fun party to me! :)

Most of the projects were left with me over the weekend so I could add Mod Podge to the Ink Tiles and ornaments, and glue to the Suminagashi prints to create notebooks and notecards. 
Everything was packaged up and brought to school on Monday for the girls to take home.

 Leaving school, party bound

 Each girl created 2 tiles (6"X6") to be used as trivets or whatever. Coasters would also be a great idea.

 I stumbled upon these ceramic ornaments in the clearance aisle at 
Michaels for .50 each! And what art teacher doesn't have acrylic paint laying around?

 These prints were glued onto colored construction paper to create 
one of a kind notecards. I found some photo print paper that worked 
great in lieu of the copperplate paper that is recommended.

The girls could have played around with these Suminagashi prints all much fun! 
I have plans to incorporate them into an art project in a future class.


          I took the girls' favorite Suminagashi print and glued it to a notebook a la The Dollar Tree -
 Instant designer journal

Thanks to my Mom and unofficial president of my fan club for all her help with the party.
I couldn't have done it without her!
And of course she was up there dancing with the girls - she's so Cool!

Some time to move around with Just Dance 4 on the Wii

Happy Birthday Savannah!


  1. I'd say that was a PERFECT party. As a kid, I'd have loved it. Actually, as an adult I'd love it, too. Bravo to you, Mom, for your creative ideas!! And... Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks Christie! Happy New Year to you too!

  3. Fun Fun love the Suminagashi .. well done girls.


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