6:19 AM

Wolves of Winter

Jake Matty Mia Sophia Dean Putting it together:  Birch trees made with card board pieces scraped with bla...
6:10 AM
May Your Days Be Merry and Bright!
5:22 AM

Feeling Frida

Mia, 2nd Ella, 2nd Reese, 2nd Presley, 2nd Fiona, 2nd Kate, kindergarten Grace, 2nd Kat...
6:15 PM

Birds on Snowmen

 3rd grade  3rd grade  2nd grade  kindergarten This was a fun little one day project for the holiday season. I h...
6:45 AM

Air Dry Clay Creations

 Turkeys and peacocks  Mexican Alebrijes using foam sticks Air drying roses This session I a...
8:05 AM

Cityscapes with Fireworks Collages

Over the summer, I did a mixed media cityscape with fireworks project with my Unique Materials Art Fun classes. I was very excited to be ...
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