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10:37 AM

Endangered Animal Art

 Amur Leopards - Acrylic on Roofing Felt They are the most endangered member of the cat family -  with only about 35 living in the sn...
12:06 PM

Got Cardboard?

Recycled Cardboard Art Projects If you're like me, you have some leftover cardboard boxes from the holidays, courtesy of Am...
3:45 PM

Canada Geese

For some reason, winter art lessons tend to be my favorites. And throw in a bird subject matter and I'm ...
6:31 AM

Fall Art Sampling

 Matisse inspired Apples - Andie, 1st grade  Process Art pieces with lots of media play -1st - 3rd grade  Inspired by P...
5:06 PM

Revisiting Monet's Bridge

Reese - Kinder  Emerson - 2nd  Alexa - 3rd  Blake - 1st  Gwendolyn - 3rd Charlee - 1st Why is it l...
6:11 PM

Playing with Hearts

This project was all about playing with media and experimenting with different techniques. Here's the...
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