Sunday, September 18, 2011

Peter Max Inspired Statue of Liberty

The above pieces were created by children 5-9

Tempera with Charcoal

Chalk Pastel and Charcoal

Step One - Pastel

Last week I saw these wonderful Peter Max inspired Statue of Liberty paintings on We Heart Art. They are full of energy and personality. I tried two versions, one with chalk pastel and the other, tempera. I laid down the chalk pastel in bright colors smearing with my finger but not being concerned about how the statue would play out on top. I took Joanna's cue with the paint version and used only primary colors. Once dry I used charcoal to draw a simple graphic version of Lady Liberty, smearing lightly with my finger. I highlighted these lines with white oil pastel. I added a few extra "scribbles" of color to mimic the energy of Max's work.


  1. These turned out beautiful.
    I love the combination of colors.

  2. these are AWESOME, Mary! I LOVE love love the colors and the black charcoal together! Beautiful!

  3. OOH! they look so good! Thanks for sharing! I think next time we'll use pastel, too :)


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