Thursday, September 29, 2011

Early Finisher Projects

"Mega Bugs" in oil and chalk pastel

Via Pinterest

My example - Sharpie and Chalk Pastel

Fauvist Hedge Parsley Landscapes

My art classes run 1 1/2 hours now. And of course, we all have our own pace. Some kids just want to blow through things, some are content to work on one piece throughout the class, and some just naturally work at a faster pace. Here are a few projects created by some early finishers who wanted to do more than just "free draw" or "free paint."


  1. I >3 these, especially the megabugs!!!

  2. Love that grey kitty, Mary. I had a cat that looked like that once. Her name was Ka-hoosh. Now I name my cats after Latin American dictators.

  3. Thanks Ruth! Hope you're settling into life back out west.
    Barbara, that is hysterical!

  4. @ Barb- too funny. I wanted to name my cat Trotsky, because of how she trot. Plus I thought it would be great to have a cat named after a Russian revolutionary. But I was outvoted by husband and son.

    Anyhow, love the megabugs!

  5. Beautiful work done by your students.
    I love he colors and textures.
    The landscapes were my favorites.

  6. I just adore those bugs. They are really creative. There is a book out there, (not sure if you ever have time to read a story before a project) but its called The Ugly Bug (and please don't think I think these bugs are ugly, I love them and think they are wonderful) but the book is really cute and would go splendidly with this project. The book would probably be best suited for grades k-3, although older children may enjoy it as well. And the best part is there is a lesson learned. Anyway after seeing your beautiful bugs, I thought of this book and think I will try it with my own children and of course give the original credit back to you in my blog.
    Ok, well I'm sure you are tired of reading at this point, as always thank you for the inspiration and sharing the beautiful artwork of the children.

  7. Christina, I love tying books in with art projects and I adore children's books anyway. I will have to check out The Ugly Bug. Thanks very much!


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