Saturday, September 24, 2011

Celestino Piatti Inspired Owls

Liberty - 7

Samantha 7

Daniella 9

Abby 9

Scott 6

Alexander 6

"The Happy Owls" 1963

I was "pinning" away a couple weeks ago and came across some very cute owls by graphic artist, Celestino Piatti. This art class session, my challenge has been to have art projects appropriate for a wide age range (grades K thru 4th). I thought this would work well for the group. I created two versions of owl pairs. The first is done using cotton balls triple dipped in white, brown and black to create the look of feathers. For the second piece, I had an extra board left over from my Statue of Liberty project painted with primary colored stripes(and I am uber-thifty and love to re-use and recycle). I drew a pair of owls right on top, painted the wings purple, and outlined everything with black using s small brush. This week my class chose between the two or could use both techniques. They created their compositions and laid down their color and then traced over all their lines with oil pastel or black paint. (They didn't share my enthusiasm for creating delineated feathered wings and opted to keep them simple - and of course they are wonderful as is :)


  1. Pinterest really is amazing. I keep finding all these great art projects that there will never be enough time to do!!!!!

  2. So true Christie! But I am definitely hooked. I made the mistake of introducing Pinterest to my husband. He is now a pinning anything relevant to catering (his industry). It's so funny to watch him ooh and aah and pin away.

  3. What a wonderful project to practice textures and lines.

    The owls are fantastic.

  4. I can't wait to see more photos. Looks fab!

  5. These owls are really cute and colourful- a perfect Autumn lesson. I'm also addicted to pinning- like a previous poster mentioned- there's never enough time to try all the fantastic projects out there!

  6. Just discovered your blog while searching for ideas for Matisse inspired apple projects! Brilliant beautiful artwork! Lots to inspire a newbie art teacher. Thanks.


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