Thursday, May 9, 2013

Cats with Scraped Paint Backgrounds

To create an interesting backdrop for our cat portraits the children chose 3-5 acrylic paint colors that were dripped and scraped on their board using thick card stock(credit or gift cards would be even better- but I'm lacking both ; )  ).You can find detailed directions and options Here. This is such a fun and addictive technique because results are so varied and it's both expressive and spontaneous.
Next the children (K-3rd) chose their media and paper of choice to create their cat portrait. Their completed cats were then cut out and glued on their painted background. I will definitely be playing around with this technique in the future.

 Children added their own flair to their cats following the same line drawing lesson

 Flynn (grade 2) created a cool tie-dye effect background to play against her sleek feline

 This is my example scraped paint background using yellow, blue pink and red

I showed the children a few options for their cat and how they looked against the same background.
Left is a more realistic cat on brown construction paper with chalk pastels
Middle is the Fauve cat on pink construction paper using "imaginary" chalk colors
Right is done with Sharpie line work and a watercolor wash


  1. I especially like the one in the first grouping (lower right) that has a slightly larger right eye. It reminds me of a teacher friend of mine who gets that raised eyebrow look when looking skeptically at a student!!!!

  2. I Love theese cats, they are amazings!!


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