Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tropical Bird Posters

Amanda, 3rd grade

 Sophia, 3rd grade

 Nathan, 5th grade

 Emma, 3rd grade

 Avery, 3rd grade

 Alexa, 2nd grade

 Abbie, kindergarten

 Lacie, 3rd grade

Jenna, 4th grade

 Flynn, 2nd grade

Zoe, 3rd grade

This session my class theme is Wings, Fins, and Fur (birds, fish and mammals). Our first project was to create a dynamic tropical bird poster using oil pastel &/or watercolor. My K thru 4th group were encouraged to think about composition to keep the viewers eye moving around the space. Bird projects are always a favorite of mine!


  1. Love the colours and yes - very dynamic with great composition! : )

  2. Love them all, but I especially like the variety of Alexa's birds. Like her little flying bird with the open beak!!


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