Friday, March 29, 2013

Mini Master Samplings

Modigliani Style Portraits

 Oil Pastels on Black Paper

O'Keefe Flowers

Watercolor with Oil Pastels or Black Glue Outlines

Delaunay Inspired Eiffels

Oil pastel based on this lesson from last year

I bid my group of Mini Masters au revoir on this Good Friday. I've had a fun 5 weeks of introducing this group of 3rd graders to the works of Monet, Cezanne, Matisse, Picasso (and Contemporary Cubist, Sandra Silberzweig), Modigliani, Robert Delaunay, and Georgia O'Keefe. 
They were a fun and enthusiastic group, always eager and excited to dive into the next project. 


  1. Mary - I had forgotten about this Eiffel Tower lesson. I love the flowing lines of the composition, the close-up views as well as the subtle colors. This time I am pinning for the future!!

    1. Thanks Christie! I enjoyed this lesson too. I love seeing each childs' unique take on their designs. I may try it at some point using watercolor.

  2. Love the Georgia O'Keeffe's and the Eiffel Towers! I really like the interesting composition.

    1. Ruth! Back in the hood! Please keep in touch. I am following you at your "new" school now.


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