Monday, June 25, 2012

Clay Seals and Sea Lions

A "Harem" of Seals or a "Raft" of Sea Lions?

My Kinder thru 4th grade Animal Art Fun campers created these seals and sea lions from air dry clay. I had them start out with a "baked potato" shape and then define a head. We split the back in two with a short wooden skewer to form the hindflippers. We added front flippers adhering two leaf-like shapes. Details such as eyes, whiskers and flipper marks could be added using the end of the skewers.

We also discussed some basic differences of these two animals:

*Sea lions have ear flaps, long front flippers and can walk on land by rotating their hindflippers.
*Seals have ear holes, short front flippers and move on land on their bellies.

After their pieces were dry, the children mixed acrylics in white, brown, and black to give it a realistic look. (I had a little fun with my mini photo shoot and posed them on some leftover driftwood. These were a little tricky to photograph - my apologies)

On a side note, occasionally I'll see a seal frolicking in the surf or hear one barking early in the morning as I walk my dogs. Most of the children had a brush with seal story to tell as well.


  1. Love the one in upper right corner Mary the soft grey is perfect : ) Tina

  2. SO cute:) I love the way you displayed the little critters!!


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