Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fauvist Self Portraits

Amanda, 2nd

Jenna, 3rd

Scott, 1st

Calvin, K

Aidan, 4th

Katie, 2nd

Brendon, 2nd

Abby, K

Sonja, 2nd

This lesson was inspired not only by the work of the most famous Fauve, Matisse, but also this Wonderful collection of Fauvist portraits I found on Artsonia. Thank you Ms. Tiedemann! I've been slightly obsessed with them! Day one, my class created the base of the portrait by mixing their own flesh tone and using solid colors for the shirt and background. The second day they created their facial features using oil pastels and were encouraged to add expressive colors throughout their portrait using acrylics and tempera. I emphasized that they were "wild beasts" and should paint with bold, unrealistic colors. "Cut loose guys!" And that they did......nice work kids! : )


  1. Love Love, Mary these are Fantastic. : ) Tina.

  2. How happy these make me! I love the way the subjects are looking straight at you (me)
    and all have their own personalities and vibrancy.


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