Monday, March 26, 2012

Sandra Silberzweig Inspired Trees

Jenna, 3rd

Abbie, K

Talia, 2nd

Amanda, 2nd

Alexa, 1st

Hannah, K

Matthew, 2nd

Sierra, 1st

Lilly, K

This is my 2nd project inspired by the art of Sandra Silberzweig. Her art is dynamic, colorful and bold. My kindergarten thru 3rd graders looked at her piece, "Neon Trees" ("Ooo's" and "Aaah's" all around) and couldn't wait to paint their inspired pieces. They broke down the landscape into 3 basic elements: ovals, background and trees. They used oil pastel and chalk pastels to add designs and outline their shapes. They created patterned owls similar to those found in some of her other pieces using markers on a separate paper. These were cut out and glued to their habitat. I was happy to see everyone adding their own unique personality and twist to this project. Ms. Silberzweig spotted our last lesson inspired by her cubist faces and was very kind in her response. I hope you enjoy these pieces as well! A big Thanks to you from all of us!


  1. These are so pretty and I love how they all look different! Really cool!

  2. Mary - I love the 3-part division of the landscape -- What a great structure. And the colors, as always, add to the whimsy. Thanks, again for introducing an artist who is new to me. I guess I missed the post of her work earlier:)

  3. Can't pick a favorite here! These really make me smile. So much fun and energy:) Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Mary,
    Your budding young artists are an inspiration to me....their visions and choice of color shine through with great talent.
    Once again, many thanks for choosing me to introduce the fun side of art to your many students.
    Sincerely Yours,
    Sandra Silberzweig

    1. Sandra,
      Thank you once again for inspiring us with your wonderful art and for your support! My students so enjoy creating pieces inspired by your work!

  5. Nice project! It's lovely also to see the work through different age groups. Some kids really go in detail for the feathers in the wings. I love the colors as well!

  6. Such beautiful compositions.
    I love the rendering of lines.
    Beautiful, bold colors.

    Thanks for introducing me to a new artist


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