Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Non-Objective Art Collage

I love Savannah's bright palette and bold black lines

My daughter and I have been having fun with a non-objective collage idea I found on Mrs. Picasso's Art Room (details and directions shown here) last year. I thought it would be perfect for my Messy Art Fun class. We added a few extra elements to the top two pieces (decoupaged tissue paper, newspaper, yellow pages, magazine cut-outs, and foam stamps.) Once dry, I cut it into 2" x 3" pieces and we re-assembled it into an interesting composition. I'd love to modify this idea to create unique artist trading cards.


  1. I am so glad I read this today. The phone co. recently delivered a whole bunch of new phone books to our apartment and that means people are dumping their old ones. Yeah, yellow pages. I'm off to do some scrounging!!

  2. These look like they were created by professional artist's! Just beautiful!

  3. The composition is amazing.
    I love the colors and patterns.

  4. Oh I just love these. Will have to try something like this next year. It's funny how when you aren't teaching, you just find ideas you want to try everywhere. I guess we need those regrouping times. Have a great summer!

  5. These are so interesting to look at - fantastic work


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