Saturday, January 29, 2011

Rhinos Who Play Soccer and Baseball

Rhinos in progress

Last summer several of my classes did pieces based on Julie Mammano's children's book, "Rhino's Who Surf." It was such a hit with the kids, (and I recently received a wonderful compliment from the author and illustrator herself) I decided to do a project based on 2 of her other books, "Rhinos Who Play Soccer" and "Rhinos Who Play Baseball." I did provide a head template for those who needed it to make sure we didn't end up with any "pinheads." From there they followed a loose line drawing lesson. These were fun for them to create since the shapes were big and bold. They could design their own soccer or baseball uniform any way they wanted, coloring in with oil pastels. They then created the backgrounds using watercolors. These fun and lively rhinos mirror the personalities of the artists (5-8 yr olds) who created them.


  1. I MUST get those books. We have a running family joke about rhinos.


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