Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Georgia On My Mind

I've been seeing a lot of wonderful O'Keefe inspired flowers around the blogs lately. I've done them in the past with oil pastels. This time I wanted to try out simple line drawings with watercolor and glue on black paper finished with with chalk pastels. My students used photos of flowers and zoomed in with view finders. I had them try both techniques using the same composition. Some used the colors of the photo for inspiration and others chose to create fantasy flowers. Nice work girls! (Kindergarten - 4th)


  1. gorgeous!! I love the texture in these. I'm in the middle of Georgia O'Keeffe paintings too. I think in the cold winter it's really nice to study flowers:-)

  2. I just read in your profile that you live in Orange County! I'm from Mission Viejo:-) My family lives in Ladera Ranch now. Do you live nearby?

  3. Your work with kids is stunning. I am a Prek-5th art teacher and will post your page on my blog.....! great site.


  4. I love these. Unfortunately I have one girl that hates the sound of chalk pastel - apparently it sounds like fingernails on a chalkboard to her. So no chalk pastels with this class...


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