Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Tribute to Ben Morris

Ben Morris fashion sketches from the New York Times, 196o's

I just received a postcard in the mail from my alma mater, The Savannah College of Art AND Design. It encourages students to share stories and contribute to a scholarship fund in the name of my absolute favorite professor, Ben Morris. He would have been 80 this year. His style of teaching by approaching "drawing in a free light-hearted way" resonates with me to this day(even after graduating 20 years ago).

Ben was an extremely accomplished fashion illustrator who worked with Givenchy, Paris, Womens Wear Daily, Elizabeth Arden and The New York Times(to name a few.)

The trademark of Ben was to focus on the simple beauty of line. Most of his classes required just a tablet of newsprint and a box of chalk pastels. He would send us to the local market to buy fresh produce to bring back to class to draw. Or in my Fashion Illustration class we would head to the local mall to draw the latest shoes, sitting right there outside Belk's department store window. He had a quick wit and the amazing ability to keep you both on your toes, but loose enough to do your best work. He was not afraid to (gasp!) draw directly on your paper, which was of great value to me. I truly treasure the time I spent learning from him! I try to create the same atmosphere of enthusiasm in my own classes of young children.

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  1. I'm sure your students will be saying just as many great things about you someday! :)


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