Sunday, October 3, 2010

Eric Carle Inspired Cityscapes

While one of my classes is in phase 1 of their sunset cityscapes, I thought I'd try an Eric Carle inspired cityscape collage with my K thru 3rd grade class. With such a range of ages, I try to find projects where every child can feel successful. In Eric Carle's, Animals Animals book there is a wonderful (ok they are ALL wonderful) nighttime city collage about an electric eel that could light up all of New York's streets. The children were allowed to create a nighttime or daytime sky with a variety of tempera paints. They then got to work cutting their sky scrapers (some opted to paint their buildings). They could use leftover textured paper, paints or oil pastels to create their windows. Lastly they could add finishing touches to their sky.

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  1. I love the Van Gogh influence in the swirling sky of your first example!!


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