Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Moonlit Frogs with Curling Tongues

My 2 groups of kindergarteners are big on personality. It is a great age to teach because they are so fun, silly and bold - just like their art. So I came up with this project with their humor specifically in mind.

After a direct line drawing lesson, they painted their frogs on lily pads. I didn't limit them to green, but most opted for it. We painted our backgrounds on a separte piece of board. We kept it simple - large moon, blue-green pond and midnight sky. Some children preferred a daytime scene. The frogs are cut out and glued to the background. But first they cut a long tongue from construction paper which they wrap around their finger to make it curl. This is slipped into a small slit that I cut on the frogs' mouths. As I expected, a few boys plan to create a fly for their frogs to catch.

Frogs in progress


  1. Am doing this fo sho!!
    Can you give some hints on how to teach the line drawing of the frogs?

  2. Hi Megan,

    I started with a curved line for the top of the head, followed by 2 large circles on either side for the eyes. It will look something like headphones or ear muffs.From there I make a horizontal line for the mouth and then curved line for the face. Next we make the arms ("2 curved lines") and "hands". Lastly, we make "tall hills or mountains" and feet on either side for the frogs jumping legs. I find it easier for the children to follow along if I break the instruction down into simple recognizable shapes. I always emphasize that I expect to see many different types of frogs which what is so fun about art. Kindergarteners are great about really embracing this idea. Hope this helped.


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