Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Eric Carle Style Elephant

I'm starting a new session next week and we will be focusing on animal art projects and children's book art. I never get tired of doing Eric Carle inspired collages. And this project will fall into both catagories. I used newspaper to create the elephant. By leaving some of the paper showing through I think it adds a fun spin to the collage. The grass was created with tempera and the back of the paint brush. I had lots of scrap textured paper to create the bird.


  1. I am in love with this! I really want to do it with my kindergarten classes. Will you share more about the process? Did you have them draw an elephant on the newspaper or just paint a sheet of newspaper one week and then have them cut out the shapes for an elephant the second week. It is gorgeous!!


  2. Hi Nellie Mae,

    This is my example. I'm going to be doing this project with the children in the next few weeks. The first week I will give them a large sheet of newspaper without a lot of pictures and a limited color palette. I used sweeping brush strokes, the edge of a piece of cardboard, and a rubber spikey ball to create texture.(sorry I don't know what it's called.) Bubble wrap would be a good choice for texture as well. They can then paint grass on their poster board. The following week I will give them a combination of simple shapes to cut and (possibly some templates) to create their own elephant. I will try to keep the shapes as bold and simple as possible for them to draw on the back side of their newspaper and then cut out. The tail is just a broom like shape cut to create fringe. Since I have mostly kindergarteners, many aspects of this project will be adapted with that in mind. I will definitely post their versions when they are complete.
    Hope this helps!
    Thanks :) Mary

  3. Thanks!!!! Of course yours is too! You're an inspiring art teacher :)


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