Saturday, December 5, 2009

Splatter Painted "Spotted Owls"

I have yet to meet a child, or adult for that matter, who didn't love the process of splatter painting. I wanted to come up with a project that would combine the the freedom of splatter painting with a representational subject matter. I was inspired by the torn paper owls at Deep Space Sparkle. I added the element of splattering 2 pieces of black construction paper with white paint and one white paper with black paint. It is up to each child how they would like to divide their textured paper. A simple head shape can be drawn on the back of one of the papers and the body shape on another. These are cut out and glued to a dark blue construction paper background. After the wing shapes have been drawn, they can be filled in with the remainder of the paper using small torn pieces. Here I used the black for the majority of the wings and the white at the tips. Eyes, ears and beaks are added with cut paper, and feet, branch and moon and are drawn with oil pastel. Each child can create their own one of a kind "spotted owl"!

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