Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Construction Paper Penguins

I found this adorable project at the wonderful blog, ARTolazzi. I thought it would be the perfect wintertime project for my K thru 2nd kids. After cutting and glueing their penguin together, the children can decorate their scarves with oil pastels. For the finishing touch, add snowflakes with white oil pastel or tempera paint.


  1. I love this! I was wondering if you could give us some info on kids and using oil pastels. I remember using them as a kid in elementary school and not really understanding what to do with them. Everything looked terrible. I would like to learn to use them properly and teach my super artsy three year old how as well. Can you give us some tips or a tutorial? Suggestions on good products?

  2. Thanks for your comment Amanda. I would describe oil pastels as extreme crayons. They have a lot of similarities but provide better coverage and more intense color. If you look at my Gordon Hopkins inspired pieces from Nov 2011 you can see how well they look if you remember to press hard.They also look great on colored construction paper (Camel Backgrounds from Dec. 2011). My best advice is just to play around with them and to some experimenting. Hope this helped a bit. Thanks again!


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