Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Cubist Portraits with Bleeding Tissue

 I love it when a student can really go for it!
So very Thalia. (2nd grade)

Hazel, Kindergarten

Charlotte, 2nd grade
"Miss Mary, do I have to draw the other eye?"
Of course not....

Aven, Kindergarten

Ava, 2nd grade

My Mini Masters group looked at some of the cubist portrait work of Picasso before diving into creating their own. After combining a portrait and a profile into one piece with permanent marker, the children used ripped "bleeding" tissue painted down with water to add color. Since this was our last class and artwork needed to be taken home, tissue was peeled off while still wet. I gave them the option of filling in empty areas with watercolor, but encouraged them to leave bits of white showing. I think the wild and unpredictable quality of bleeding tissue lends itself well to such a unique subject matter.


  1. Love how colorful these turned out Mary!

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