Saturday, November 9, 2013

Moonlit Bats

I haven't meant to be m.i.a. from blogging for several weeks. We put our computer in the shop 3 weeks ago and have yet to the get green light that it has been repaired. Enter my two wonderful brothers, who generously purchased a laptop for an early birthday gift. Thanks Dave and Scott!

The day before Halloween I had my new group of K-4th graders create these Egyptian Slit-Faced Bats using charcoal. The backgrounds were created with oil pastel moons, watercolor skies and acrylic branches. To add extra fine spooky branches they could use Sharpie as well. I gave the children several options for creating a spooky watercolor backdrop for their bats, (including a yellow, orange and gray dusk/dawn effect), but it was blue/black skies all around. The last touch was to use white chalk to add moonlit highlights on their tree branches.


  1. What did you use to reference the bat drawing?

    1. I had a "How to Draw Cool Stuff" book by Doug Dubosque. But you can find the shorter version "Draw Desert Animals" which includes the Egyptian Slit-faced bat on Amazon. Often I just find a picture of an animal online and break it down into steps myself.


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