Thursday, January 3, 2013

Abstract Collages











Today I had my second 2 hour art workshop of Winter Break, Abstract Art Fun. This project was inspired by the fantastic art of Mollie Moseley Morrison at MOMO Art Gallery. She is also an art teacher and has a great blog, Kids Art Market. I love her collaged work where she combines different cut up paintings; they are colorful, bold and full of energy. To try to accomplish this with my group of 5-9 year olds was a bit ambitious for a single 2 hour class, but we did it. The children created 3 different patterned watercolor pages. My niece was kind enough to blow these dry to speed up the process. The children then cut them up and reconfigured them to create a work of art. We talked about repeating shapes, lines and colors in our collages. I would love to try this again spread out with more time and incorporate her wonderful paper weaving technique.


  1. Fantastic, every one frameable. You always strech a little to the amount you can get done, it payed off. MOM


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