Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wrap Around Snakes

If you're not a fan of step-by-step art lessons, quick look away...avert your eyes! ha :) I have just 4-5 weeks with each of my after school art classes. In that time I try to do a variety of projects: basic art elements, artist or art movement based, technique, ect.. Like many of you I have noticed the kids are a little antsy at this point in the school year. I thought this project would be a fun, attention grabber for my K-4th group. And of course, they would be exploring media, line and shadow in the process.

They followed a step by step drawing lesson(courtesy of "Draw Really Cool Stuff" - judging by the current price, it must be out of print) to create their wrap around snakes. From there they created snake patterns and a tropical habitat for their boa inspired creatures. They could choose watercolors and/or oil pastels to add color. Last, I demonstrated how to trace their lines with charcoal and smudge them to add shadow to their snake and tree to create depth.


  1. Love all the overlapping. Isn't it great to know that in snakes you have chosen a sure fire hit with kids!!

  2. Mary,

    I always love teaching the "wrap-around" lesson. It makes the kids feel really good about themselves when they "get it". I think the first time I taught it , it was monkey tails. We graduated to snakes and then there was no stopping them! Your students did a great job and I love the colors!


  3. What an amazing colorful project.
    I love the wrapping snakes. Your students did a fantastic job.


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