Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Burger and Dogs

No cheese! just like my kids :)

pooch with a pipe cleaner leash

I've felt I really need to step up my 3-D art game. 2 dimensional art is admittedly my comfort zone. But of course kids love to create tangible forms. So my 3rd thru 5th graders did some paper mache dogs I found in this great little book I scored at a yard sale. (Oh, how I love to go "saleing") They were created with just newspaper and tape and a flour and water paper mache mix. This was a fun, messy and challenging project for the kids. But the burger? Well, one student was really wanting to do a fast food art project. (My apologies Jamie Oliver). So he formed his burger with the same simple materials. (I wish my photo better showed his spattering of painted sesame seeds.)

more 3D art to come.....clay birds


  1. Mary,

    These are wonderful and fun! I know what you mean about "stepping up" your 3-D game. I feel the same way and have challenged myself this year with paper mache', wire and clay sculpture.The kids now beg me to do another sculpture project.


  2. Mary,
    I'm a HUGE garage saler and get tons of art books this way. Last weekend I scored a book on paper quilling, an Usborne art book, a couple of how-to-draw animals books- all for 25 cents each!

  3. I just found your blog today and I'm so excited! That is so fun that you made 3-D art with your kids. It shows you have gumption! I'm excited to follow you, (a woman after my own heart!) Good luck with your 3-D projects!


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