Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Difference 3 Floors Can Make

View from our 3rd floor room

View from 6th floor rooftop

We took a very quick 2 day getaway up the coast to Venice Beach, CA. Walking the boardwalk is quite an experience: home of the famous muscle beach, birthplace to the modern skateboarding movement, and lined with street performers, artists, a freak show (no literally, not metaphorically) and some very colorful characters. It's good to get the kids out of their OC bubble every now and then. :D

But the difference between our 3rd floor view and the view from the 6th floor rooftop just struck me as funny. Just thought I'd share while art classes are out for the week.


  1. I hope you spent a lot of time viewing from the roof!!!!!

  2. Love the view of the ocean. Jealous!!

  3. Ha! We actually spent a day in your neck of the woods Christie. We had fun hanging out at and around the Santa Monica Pier.
    Phyl, it's funny that we left one beach to go to another. But yes, that view is undeniably gorgeous.


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