Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rhinos Who Surf

These just make me smile :)

This student just turned 5. Great job Delaney!

Sonja (6) insisted on using a small brush, despite my tired rule of thumb, "big space, big brush, little space, little brush." Well, all that white showing adds a lot of dimension to her piece. Sometimes, you just need to get out of their way and let them do their thing. :)

A couple of my summer art classes are doing a piece based on the book, Rhinos Who Surf by Julie Mammano.My mom (and always big supporter) gave me the book specifically with an art project in mind. Mammano's illustrations are wonderfully graphic and whimsical. My class this week is off to a great start with their pieces. After following a direct line drawing and going over their work in permanent marker, they designed their own, one of a kind swim trunks and surf boards using markers. They painted their rhinos with gray tempera (gray oil pastel would be another option). Next week they will go back over their lines with permanent marker and add waves with watercolor. I look forward to posting them soon!

(Mammano has 3 other books in her series: Rhinos Who Skateboard, Rhinos Who Play Soccer and Rhinos Who Play Baseball. These would definitely be kid favorites!)


  1. All these paintings are wonderful! When I saw them here on this site, I couldn't help but smile.
    Great job kids!!

  2. What a thrill to receive a comment from the author and illustrator. The children LOVED this project. I'm looking to do another based on one of your other books. Thanks very much for leaving your nice comment!


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