Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Orcas of Alaska

My groups first created their Alaskan snow-capped mountains using oil pastels, blending with baby oil and cotton swabs. As an added bonus, the room smelled great when we were done! Skies and seas were painted with watercolors and tempera. After these were dry, they added a splattering of white paint for their breaching whales. Orcas were drawn on a separate paper and then glued to their backgrounds. You can find another orca project here.


  1. I LOVE how your students captured the movement of the orcas! Between the arc of the orca and the white splattered paint, it really looks like they are coming out of the water:)))

  2. Just curious, what age range did these? They are fantastic!

    1. Thanks John! These were created by ages 5-11.


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