Sunday, July 19, 2015

Copper Tooled Flowers with Acrylic Borders

 Beautiful Eden! (age 5)

My Unique Materials Art Fun groups got to try their hand at copper tooling. They were excited to try a new media. They used ball point pens to create designs on their copper foil squares. They then painted their surface with black ink and buffed it away in the relief areas with paper towels. Some children preferred the look of the reverse, silver side. I gave them each a square of bristol board to create a decorative border for their foil designs. They used acrylics and both sides of their brushes to create designs.


  1. These are great---where do you order your tooling foil from? I always end up using folded sheets of tin foil as I find it tricky to get where I live.

    1. Thanks, I ordered them online through Dick Blick.


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