Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Bubble Printed Hydrangeas in Terra Cotta Pots

This project was inspired by this fantastic post from A Piece of a Rainbow. I mixed dish soap, liquid watercolor and a little water in plastic cups with some containers underneath to catch all the drippings. (Yes, it is a messy project!) Each child simply took their straw and blew into the solution (as I reminded them, most had probably done with milk in the past - only now I was Encouraging this play!) They had sheets of watercolor paper to lay down on their bubbles to make a print.  I offered pink, blue and purple for them to use.  Once dry, they added leaves using their choice of media (colored pencil, oil pastel or chalk pastel) Backgrounds were done in chalk pastels on black paper with oil pastel lines. Fun summer project!

Hydrangea side note: We were given a flowering plant about 4 years ago to honor my mother-in-law, who had just passed away. We decided to plant it near our front door. A blight disease took over our garden months later, killing everything in its' path, except our beautiful pink hued hydrangea. Then the drought hit SoCal hard (as it continues to do) and we like many others had to install a drought resistant landscape, The hydrangea was left behind, as it seemed to flourish. My gardening friends know this is neither a plant that enjoys full sun (which it does) or likes to be deprived of water (which it often is). As I write this, our hydrangea is thriving amongst all the drought tolerant plants leaving us both baffled and pleased! Just thought I'd share.

Multi-colored leaves? Why not!

Lacie cut out her blossoms and arranged them individually.

(K-6th artwork)

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  1. What a fun project for summer session. They turned out great. Doogal


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